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When was the last time you felt butterflies in your stomach about trying something new and exciting? Come surprise yourself. Climbing is challenging, builds confidence, and is certainly more fun than your boring treadmill routine. This class incorporates climbing as part of an overall fitness routine and introduces you to the sport, technique and excitement of climbing in a safe and supportive environment. But it’s more than a class. It’s a community of outstanding women. Come experience how changing will change your life. (yeah, its THAT good)

Bored or unmotivated by your current workout? Or lacking a routine all together? Here is the place to get unstuck! More effective and fun than spinning, running, or your normal cardio class, this full body, low impact workout keeps your legs fired up, core engaged, and your arms and back working strong. Classes are high energy, small and intimate, and extremely supportive. Try a class, and you’ll find yourself hooked in no time.

Let’s focus on your food. Positive nutritional habits are essential for fueling your goals, and often poor eating is sabotaging your best intentions. We work together to design a sustainable game plan to take charge of your wellness from a holistic point of view. Let’s join forces to identify and overcome your life roadblocks, and develop your true, genuine self.

Client Love

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  • As someone who is easily bored by gym routines, I was looking for an activity that would help me get in shape and would hold my interest. I am so happy I found Anyssa’s climbing class! She does a great job of teaching the fundamentals of climbing so it’s not so intimidating at first, and helps you as you progress in building your skills. The classes are intimate and I love the support you get from the other women in the class.

    - Kari
  • Genuine is defined as being sincere, honest and forthright. Genuine Self Wellness could not be more appropriately named. Anyssa is the real deal when working with her clients, she takes a true interest in and works with you to help you achieve your fitness goals. I started rowing class in Sept 2014 and to my surprise wound up loving it. With Anyssa’s encouragement I signed up to compete in the 2015 Ironman ERG Classic. Anyssa worked hard in training and getting myself and the other women in my group ready for this race. I never would have believed I could accomplish such a goal. Not only did I compete, I placed in the in Senior Women’s Division! I never could have done this with out her training and belief in me. Thank you Anyssa! On to the next goal!!

    - Jo Ann
  • Going from having no workout routine at all and not really enjoying traditional workouts, I have found a love of climbing through this class. Without being militant or annoying, Anyssa challenges us every week and makes the workout actually fun and motivating. I am totally addicted to this class!

    - Diana
  • Anyssa’s rowing classes are intense and intimate. They are more challenging than you think,  but make you feel way better than you ever imagined!!!  You will leave her studio aching for more.

    - Bree M

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