A Specialty Fitness and Nutrition Boutique

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Climbing and Fitness

When was the last time you felt butterflies in your stomach about trying something new and exciting? Come surprise yourself. Climbing is challenging, builds confidence, and is certainly more fun than your boring treadmill routine. This class incorporates climbing as part of an overall fitness routine and introduces you to the sport, technique and excitement of climbing in a safe and supportive environment. But it’s more than a class. It’s a community of outstanding women. Come experience how climbing will change your life. (yeah, its THAT good)

Rowing Classes

Bored or unmotivated by your current workout? Or lacking a routine all together? Here is the place to get unstuck! More effective and fun than spinning, running, or your normal cardio class, this full body, low impact workout keeps your legs fired up, core engaged, and your arms and back working strong. Classes are high energy, small and intimate, and extremely supportive. Try a class, and you’ll find yourself hooked in no time.

Personal Training

Everyone needs a little push now and again. Having a coach by your side to keep you accountable and push you that extra bit beyond what you can do alone, is often the difference between success and, well…. stagnation. Let’s work together. You will get strong, lean, and walk away with an understanding of how to incorporate fitness in your daily routine to stay fit all on your own. I’ll make sure you stay on track and do the work.

Work with Me

I help empower women by inspiring fearlessness through climbing and fitness.


The pink elephant in my room is eating. Even though it was from afar, Anyssa was a tremendous inspiration for me to tackle a 3 day cleanse. Subsequent to that success a mild mannered suburban mom stepped out of the phone booth as super health coach and now has me juicing my lunches several days … Read More

- Ajax G

Anyssa’s rowing classes are intense and intimate. They are more challenging than you think,  but make you feel way better than you ever imagined!!!  You will leave her studio aching for more.

- Bree M

Anyssa has been a tremendous inspiration for me to incorporate weight training into my workout routine. She is training me through Skype which has been a wonderful experience! I am able to watch her do the exercises and she’s able to give me feedback and help me right in my own home! Anyssa is a … Read More

- Lisa C
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