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Climbing and Fitness

Climbing and Fitness

Climbing is exciting and fun, and certainly more invigorating than your boring treadmill routine. But maybe you are a little intimidated to try it? You don’t want to look silly, fall, get hurt or simply just don’t know where to start. This class incorporates both climbing as an excellent overall fitness routine and introduces you to the sport, technique and excitement of climbing in a safe and supportive female environment. Whether you are just looking to stay active and fit in a new and exciting way, or would like to pursue climbing as a hobby or passion, this is the place to start.

Climbing is an excellent overall workout that combines cardiovascular fitness, strength training, core development and overall aerobic movement. It targets muscles in the arms, chest, back, abs and legs. Enjoy a full body workout in one climb. This class will also incorporate exercises beyond climbing including resistance training, core development, and stretching.

“I’m not strong enough to climb.” I also hear this repeatedly. Climbing is more about precision, balance and placement than brute arm strength. Women are often better climbers because they focus on technique and flow in their movements, rather than relying too heavily on upper body strength. This class will introduce you to basic climbing techniques including how to make precise, quiet placements that carry your weight, body positioning and center of gravity alignment.

Classes are held at the Gravity Vault indoor climbing gym in Upper Saddle River (USR) and Hoboken.

All fitness levels welcome.
No climbing experience needed.
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Planks for a strong core
Build balance with traversing
Climbing makes you happy!
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